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  • A (T)reason

    A (T)reason

    I know I stayed for a reason, only time could tell. I am learning how everything that I speak becomes a spell.

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  • Friends Without Benefit

    Friends Without Benefit

    Feelings no one asked for. The one I initially avoided, became one that I absolutely adored.

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  • Familiar Stranger

    Familiar Stranger

    You can tell much about a man by the tenderness in his touch. Now, that does not mean I have not been deceived by this thought from time to time....

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  • Temporary High

    Temporary High

    She kept all of her vices within reach. Whether on speed dial or in her top drawer. All of the things that brought instant gratification, or filled her with memories...

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  • Tiny Violin

    Tiny Violin

    She has been heavy on my mind for many years. Between the two of us, we shed our share of tears. She takes to more than one bodily human form. All she craved...

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  • Bluff


    This time around I know that it was awaited for me to behave like our last occurrence. I know that I was expected to make a fool out of myself...

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  • In Good Hands

    In Good Hands

    Cherish the ones that thank you for returning their call. Acknowledge those that wave a hand in gratitude for letting them cut in line in traffic. I know how honorable of a...

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  • A Heavenly Happy Birthday

    A Heavenly Happy Birthday

    I spoke to him every day for years. He was the real definition of a protective guy best friend. His smile was the brightest even when his world was pitch black. The most...

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  • Words Never Sent

    Words Never Sent

    Here’s the start of an apology that I wish I had received. Every time I was heartbroken, I felt a piece of me bleed. Every time I was disappointed, I felt like...

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  • Skip a Beat

    Skip a Beat

    5:30 am, we never get a wink of sleep. There’s not a day or night that passes without some form of communication. We spew regretful words back and forth, then...

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  • Trippin’


    Life can either be a vacation or a destination, depending on which path your mind allows the writ of passage. Certain days can feel comparable to Heaven on earth &...

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  • Back At Me

    Back At Me

    Imagine a world where the ability to see your reflection did not exist. Imagine if the way that you viewed yourself excluded appearance. Everything worn, every hair style, makeup or bare face...

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