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Familiar Stranger


Without completely outing myself, I have had my fair share in diversity of male influence.

You can tell much about a man by the tenderness in his touch.

Now, that does not mean I have not been deceived by this thought from time to time.

But, a touch this tender will have to be upkept to determine its genuinity.

Looking back, when a man desires... the intention behind would quickly be uncovered by the way he physically interacts.

In the past, I could assume by the progressive aggression in a tender kiss turning to a heavy-panted make out that inappropriate bodily caressing would follow.

However, it is him who kissed me atop the scenic overlook that just felt natural.

So natural, that it had taken me by surprise.

We conversed as if we had met like this on a frequent basis.

We lived such different lives, yet had more in common than either of us expected.

We clinked spoons before indulging in on our favorite desserts.

Nothing felt odd about it either.

This may have been written prematurely.

Yet, he sparked something within me rather early.

Things dissipated without warning.

But something tells me he may contact me one morning.

Even if just friends, I will never forget

....the way things were when we first met.


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