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  • Fool’s Paradise

    Fool’s Paradise

    I don’t have to be in love with you to love you. This is what made love hurt. Because that is what we always put first. The rest did not make sense when...

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  • 25 Candles

    25 Candles

    The one day of the year in which I should and could be as self-absorbed and narcissistic as I please... I cannot help but replay and keep record of anniversary dates...

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  • ‘Tis the Summer

    ‘Tis the Summer

    Cannot trust just anyone with your heart. Not even the ones you love. Hell, sometimes you cannot even trust yourself. Bodily, you are protected. Mentally, throwing your heart through the electric shredder.

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  • Don’t Wear It Out.

    Don’t Wear It Out.

    Ashamed is He who shows Her off in public after crying to me in private at the thought of commitment. Torn is He who would go back on His decision if...

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  • Pardon Me

    Pardon Me

    Have you ever loved someone so much yet could not wait for them to leave the next morning? A friendship attached at the hip in the streets, but sleeping back to...

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  • Can’t Come to The Phone

    Can’t Come to The Phone

    Living with what physicians diagnose as clinical. Media emphasizes as an illness. Teachers categorize as a deficit. It can only be ingested as a negative attribute. Something that society should nurture on your behalf. A...

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  • Mine Enough.

    Mine Enough.

    He could deliver my favorite chai tea to work every morning. He could stage bouquets upon entrance of every car ride. He could provide unwarranted financial support to any of my binds. He...

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  • Cheers to Yours.

    Cheers to Yours.

    Even in the stillness of my breath, easing of my mind, he is the first and only thought that remains. Every bad habit and negatively adopted ways were transitioning and phasing...

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  • Peace with The Past

    Peace with The Past

    It’s been two years. Two years since I was physically freed. Freed from what I had emotionally packed my bags from long before. A single being that had so much mind...

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  • Good For You

    Good For You

    The power of having the upper hand has become the foundation, the baseline & turning point to relationships. Whether it is building or rebuilding, it is so crucial. “Wearing the pants” can...

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  • Never Expire.

    Never Expire.

    Possessions have never been something obsessed over in comparison to the trouble with detaching myself from people I wish to save. So much remanence in our last polaroids the night we...

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  • Surviving & Dining In...

    Surviving & Dining In...

    He does not love me like you, and I am so thankful for that. Forever is a long measure, especially to someone who promises nothing. We all find comfort in something: Southern Comfort,...

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