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Temporary High


She kept all of her vices within reach.
Whether on speed dial or in her top drawer.
All of the things that brought instant gratification, or filled her with memories that once did; nearby.
She kept her drugs in the same place that she kept her toys: next to silk bag of her overpriced lingerie that her short-term sugar daddy gifted her.
She always had a back up plan, before she knew she needed one.
Men were a revolving door.
Except she was the only one that wanted more.
He treated her like a drug.
Yet, admittedly was the first who needed a hug.
One of his many addictions.
He could never put her down.
They did everything together, fought through every emotional weather.
They were each other’s back up plan and sometimes, a seasonal quick fix.
Intermittent feelings of romance, while he relapsed through every bottle.
Except his heart break from her came full throttle.
He treated her like his gateway to sobriety.
After five years, it required some notoriety.
They were never in love.
Just out of their minds.
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