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  • shut your pie-hole.

    shut your pie-hole.

    Do you ever think you’ve got yourself all figured out? Ever astonished by what someone else points out & have this inner feeling of your jaw dropping? Took me...

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  • The Girl Who Has Everything💄

    The Girl Who Has Everything💄

    She always wants more. Even when she gets what she wants, there’s still always something missing. She always wants more. She will give hard knowing there’s a return. But...

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  • he loves me not🍃

    he loves me not🍃

    How is it possible to allow oneself to lay clothed by the arms of one so comfortably while your mind nestles in the thought of another? Loving the feeling...

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  • Mr Dangerous💋

    Mr Dangerous💋

    Most of us have loved, a good chunk of us have experienced loss; some of us have experienced both… those are the real fortunate. Nonetheless, we’ve all had...

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  • See You On the Other Side

    See You On the Other Side

    Ever wonder what it’d be like living someone else’s life? Walk a mile in their hardships? Their deepest fears? Their angst? To be a fly on the wall...

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