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  • On A Need to Know

    On A Need to Know

    Stop giving others the satisfaction of believing that when they are ready, you will be patiently waiting on them. Stop making excuses for the way you are being treated.

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  • When You’re Sober

    When You’re Sober

    Let’s talk when you’re sober. You can’t wait until it’s over. I won’t waste my breath, all you can morbidly joke about is death. You can’t wait until it’s over. I plead for you...

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  • Together We Stay #BlackLivesMatter

    Together We Stay #BlackLivesMatter

    Screaming Black Lives Matter... Yet abusers are still trying to define how victims personify this trauma. I hear, “the revolution is here! We are in midst of a revolution!” shrieking...

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  • High Without You

    High Without You

    Would your love begin to lessen when a prospective object of affection makes way? I am genuinely asking because... WHAT. THE. HECK???!!

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  • Under Attack

    Under Attack

    It is constant. It is an outer state of composure. It is constant shade on the brightest afternoon in July. It feels comparable to tightly choking another while being choked yourself.

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  • The Revolver

    The Revolver

    When we met, my heart was in the process of mending. When you decided to fall for me so deeply, my heart was swollen on ice. For someone with such deep rooted...

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  • Not to Worry

    Not to Worry

    Sometimes I feel like dying. Not in a suicidal actionary manner that the statement would otherwise be connoted. But my premonitions and forthcomings often take place in a funeral setting or sitting...

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  • Push My Luck

    Push My Luck

    Every outing just brings an energy of lonely people in crowded rooms. A lot of Leave Me “Aloners” who are afraid of being just that. We took advantage of each other emotionally...

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  • Wish Upon Ya’ Heart

    Wish Upon Ya’ Heart

    It could have all been so simple. I mutter under my breath to myself. I could have been born with endless privilege. I could have been born into a body much larger &...

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  • This Morning

    This Morning

    This morning i woke up. Not for any reason other than I was given the opportunity to. Waking up heavy without ever hitting three digits on the scale.

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  • Ugh, here we go again.

    Ugh, here we go again.

    Loving is everything. Undeniably, nothing elates me more than knowingly and genuinely being cherished. But people who exude the “hard to love” fronted exterior is an adrenaline rush. It is not that he...

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  • The Borderline.

    The Borderline.

    Not quite infatuated. No where near lovers. Best “friends,” there is potential. A metaphorical bow that could either remain decor or a ribbon cutting ceremony. Either way, it is not what you think.

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