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In Good Hands



Cherish the ones that thank you for returning their call. 

Acknowledge those that wave a hand in gratitude for letting them cut in line in traffic. 

I know how honorable of a gesture that is, in Los Angeles especially. 

Normalize genuinely complimenting friends of all genders without feeling so line-crossing. 

Be at peace with failed relationships. 

Some bonds were never meant for that level of long term intimacy. 

Men that had absolutely shattered my heart are now considerably on a friendly, acquaintance level. 

I hold value in loving those situations back into where it was when it was “just friends.”

It is more rare of an occurrence if I were to hold a grudge. 

It took many years to release the power that emotions held over my mental state. 

I cried, I wept, and I would speak with such verbal frustration because the triggers of my PTSD felt unmanageable. 

I blamed my uncontrollable traumas for any negativity. 

I would shut down in moments where my mind felt lost.

I did not expect anyone to understand. 

At this point, I am sounding like a broken record. 

Until one night, without any regards of the emotional weight, I spoke everything aloud. 

Yes, everything. 

Hearing, “You are right, I do not understand but I want to make it feel a little less heavy on your own,” felt insuring. 

Since that night, my emotions have never been carried the same. 

Any further of an explanation may result in a cure for universal sadness. 

Before any further cringing at how pompous that might sound,

Set both bare feet on the ground...

And repeat these affirmations aloud twice a day:

“I am actively committing to a pursuit of happiness.” 

“I willing accept the emotional and mental relief I deserve”

“Any of my patterns that no longer serve me positive outcomes are being broken.”

Now, let’s talk about how we feel. 



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