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Season Of's '03' Anniversary Collection signifies more than our three beautiful years in business. Our Founder is celebrating 3 different milestones also revolving around the number 3.

This collection's message spotlights repeating 3's, which is known for being a 'Call for Positivity.' In Mental Health, the 333 Rule for Anxiety is a common and informal technique for coping with anxiety. Its purpose is to help you ground yourself and calm down in a moment where you are feeling particularly anxious or overwhelmed.

The number 3 has always held powerful symbolism. Wherever the number 3 shows up in your life, it's generally an omen of creativity, communication, optimism, and curiosity. In Greek mythology, the number 3 was considered as the 'perfect number', the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding.

We believe there is true connection in emotions and mood in relation to what we wear and how we speak. This elevated collection of knitwear jerseys are our fun take on embodying this year of '3s' with us.

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