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A Heavenly Happy Birthday



I spoke to him every day for years. 

He was the real definition of a protective guy best friend. 

His smile was the brightest even when his world was pitch black. 

The most gentle giant. 

I think of him often. 

Not for his coping mechanisms, but for his resilience. 

It took me many years after his passing to thoroughly understand what racial injustice he endured, the severity in his punishments, and the misunderstanding in his daily fight for societal acceptance. 

The primarily Caucasian state, built on a land of Republican beliefs, carrying small-minded frames; did never and would never comprehend. 

His unexpected passing still renders in breathtaking heartbreak. 

I have never found comfort in, “he died after doing what he loved.”

Him and I both know that his time was cut far too short. 

The fork in his life’s road was already paved since birth being an only child, raised by a single mother in the “hood” of Los Angeles. 

He was never expected to make it out of his upbringing and away from gang involvement. 

Let alone, off “the streets.”

Society told him that he had no business earning a college degree, or being student loan debt-free. 

I think of him often. 

With all of the racial injustices and police brutality coming to media’s light, I cannot help but think how much more he would be on my mind if he were living to be victim to it all. 

He was built different. 

He was meant to carry on his eventual success story. 

I still mourn every ounce of him. 

Knowing that just words do not even emulate a fraction of justice for what his life meant. 

He would and did spend his last dollar to make me smile. 

He never wanted any credit for doing so, just knowing my day was a little brighter was enough. 

If Heaven was a place on Earth, it would involve basketball fulfilled dreams and popping bottles of UV Blue. 

Every birthday is my ritual to cherish. 

I mourn for those that never knew you the way that I do. 

November 13th is forever dedicated to you. 

Happy Birthday, to my best friend.

Better known as, “B00tz.”

To me, he will always be Cam Lew. 


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