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5:30 am, we never get a wink of sleep.

There’s not a day or night that passes without some form of communication.

We spew regretful words back and forth, then the next day forget we were even in a fight.

His frustration comes from jealousy, mine derives from wishing he would want better for himself.

He wished I would drop everything for him, I wish he would drop the bottle for himself.

Now, I know that I am not holier than thou...

But, your addictions dictate what you allow.

You have the ability to elate me and feeling the greatest high.

Other times, your words make me contemplate why I even try?

One thing that we can agree upon is that throughout our situation-ship, I have never told you a lie.

Yet, you still label yourself as my “other guy.”

Despite the deep love that you so hesitantly expressed, the pursuit to my heart is not actually stressed.

Until my relationship status suddenly changes to single, I would be nothing but written into your next jingle.

It is time that I stop sparing your feelings in hopes that you would respect mine...

Hitting “Do Not Disturb,” the next time that you bang my line.


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