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Don’t Wear It Out.


Ashamed is He who shows Her off in public after crying to me in private at the thought of commitment.

Torn is He who would go back on His decision if I allowed such action.

She clips onto the tips of his fingers held high above her left shoulder with a huge confident smile dragging him anywhere she wants.

Well, because she can.

But this is not about Her.

It is about what my mind will not accept.

My mind can be bratty and a bit snobby when it comes to my own feelings.

“I do not care that you told me I was the love of your life TWO years ago, and I told you that you were too late.”


Shame on you for marrying someone else.

“I know you told me that you wanted me to be in your life forever after we dangerously fell in love.”


I could not let you have your cake and eat it too.

“I remember you drunkenly confessing the certainty of our eventual marital union”

I was speechless,

Still am.


How dare you never bring it up again!

Bratty mind, with a heart that feels where my emotional communicative growth lies.

If it were not too late, I would advise you to...

put your name on it.


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