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Good For You


The power of having the upper hand has become the foundation, the baseline & turning point to relationships.

Whether it is building or rebuilding, it is so crucial.

“Wearing the pants” can either attract or scare, just depends on the quality of who you are loving.

A confident woman will gravitate toward a man that embraces her independence but makes her obsess over the feeling of a valued companionship.

There is no more of a disgusting feeling than a lover whose idea of independence is through the metaphorical clinging to the bottom of your pant leg.

To think back to moments where sleep was lost and meals were skipped because my body was so worried of things not secured in our union.

The time spent convincing him of his capability to commit and his proficiency to grow with one woman.

Drilling the idea that his love is an enchantment that could be enough to pay the dues of any damage from past lovers.

The time, support and reinforcement spent; ending in preparation for the viewing party of my advice being executed

... while he is down on one knee

.... holding her waist on a hot air balloon ride

.... twirling her around the dance floor of our favorite bar

... kissing the forehead of your newborn child that you convinced me you were too medically impotent to ever create.

But look at you.


So capable.

But I am happy for you,

I swear.


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