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Surviving & Dining In...


He does not love me like you, and I am so thankful for that.

Forever is a long measure, especially to someone who promises nothing.

We all find comfort in something:

Southern Comfort, Southern Charm...

But definitely excludes Southern California.

To a hopeless romantic, native of the city most fantasized by the quality of love that is so helpless ....

Where the unions are more like an NDA.

The boundaries to a third party are open and multiple visitors are sought.

Where sexual prowess and physical appearance are the keys to opening doors of success, as well as windows of opportunity.

Where compensation is granted for the time spent gracing another being, as if your existence became so exalted.

Unannounced packages containing the world’s most expensive & breathtaking dental floss of a lingerie set.

Just because the sender says “you deserve to feel this sexy. This package was for you, not me.”

God, we all love a Sociopath.

One of the only cities where calculating the net worth of each partner within the past two months, may feed the ego but would still add nothing to your bank account.

My bed and mind to have been the notepad and therapy chair to some of the world’s most influential and affluent men.

Encounters to aid in the realization to the degree of separation between people with money and those pretending to.

The true difference between working hard for monetary success and sticking your hand out after a few hours.

But emotionally neither happier than the other.

To have the tears of a $7.5m company soaked into my freshly washed pillow cases, was enough to leave me wide eyed.

Enough to honestly say there’s more to life than living to work, pay bills & die.

But also there is more to life than having so much money, but no one to trust to love you genuinely.

Stop checking on how green your neighbor’s grass is, and starting watering your own.


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