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Pardon Me


Have you ever loved someone so much yet could not wait for them to leave the next morning?

A friendship attached at the hip in the streets, but sleeping back to back in the sheets.

I love him wholeheartedly, I know that feeling is inevitable. We bring out each other’s brightest smiles.

When apart, we brag like the president of each other’s fan clubs.

The exact explanation of a male-female best friendship that jealous significant others will never appreciate.

Physically connected, I do not believe we ever will be.

To feel the most enthralled together and then absolutely nothing from an act of endearment is exactly the concept no one seems to agree with me on.

Love does not derive from how hard he does or does not kiss me.

Love does not suddenly develop from the state my body remained after a few hours of heavy penetration.

... but from the way he quotes me from a topic we discussed days ago

Or from the way he would drive 30 miles to surprise me while I’m cooking dinner because waiting a few days was torture.

Public Displays of Affection were not defined by territorial kisses, or braggishly placing both hands on my butt cheeks because onlookers were curious.

Displays of Affection are the purest and sincerest.

To have onlookers admire the way you unknowingly look at me while I talk about what fuels my passion.

To proudly introduce me to settings and places that mean most to you.

To not spend a single dollar with the hopes of ‘wooing’, but with the confidence that this would mean a lot to the both of us.

Those are the cues that are overlooked & deemed as unimportant at the start of it all.

And He is out there, I promise.

I have my reasons, but ones I can never explain.

...But I swear his heart is half of mine.


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