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Even in the stillness of my breath

Easing of my mind

He is the first and only thought that remains.

Every bad habit and negatively adopted ways were transitioning and phasing out.

The “me” that was finally seeing the light she had restricted herself from.

It was the first moment in two years where another soul was never needed for inner happiness or gratification.

But the attraction melting from his aura was immediate.

He never asked for anything.

Only to bring his light into my Rainbow Room.

He was like no man I ever had and still have not encountered since.

Not a moment for comparison with any potential beaus.

This long apart, and he is still felt.

One year ago, stains a meaningless anniversary, that held so much purpose.

Yet it is her lips who will be celebrating us this time around.

And it is my taste that he is missing.

While he was drooling over the next girl, he now kills himself over all the guys drooling over his....

Favorite Girl


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