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25 Candles


The one day of the year in which I should and could be as self-absorbed and narcissistic as I please...

I cannot help but replay and keep record of anniversary dates that represent anything but that.

From our first message, to our first meeting, where my thoughts were prior to you, where my heart had just healed from,

But most importantly...

how it throbbed and gushed over you.

So here I am, one year later.

Personal growth and evolution has been immense.

The influence of your love to play the most detrimentally positive role.

As I build off of that example you lead, the beginning of this 25th year of life...

I treat it as a personal ‘New Year’ and this year’s resolution is to....

stop comparing them to you

to carry myself with the confidence held when we were a union.

Because your love was ‘The Best’

But this new year and beyond, I am expecting better

of myself, for myself, by myself.

Because you were my soul mate, but I cannot neglect...

my soul, mate.


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