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Fool’s Paradise


I don’t have to be in love with you to love you.

This is what made love hurt.

Because that is what we always put first.

The rest did not make sense when it all ended.

We went from quick infatuation to...

You're dead to me.

I still love you but...

You’re dead to me.

“I don’t know why I cannot let go?”

“I cannot move on.”


You’re dead to me.

I knew a fragment of his heart.

But he’s dead to me.

He ravaged my heart

But.... you get the point.

The point was not valid at all though.

His love was very much alive within me.

Just the idea of him has been laid to rest.

I never ran from your love further than I hoped you would find me.

Thankful to every higher power that your search for me never pursued that far.

I could have still clothed myself in the reminisces,

and I did.

Thankful that I am now my only Promised Land.

The only footprints left in my soil are me finally leaving the past, there....

without any hope of one day reliving, rekindling, or wondering what would be different if those that I reminisce of ever carried through to present day.

Feeling like no matter what I do, I am good without you.

My favorite pair of shades are now rose-colored.

All that could be seen was a brighter future.

My long awaited light at the end of this emotional-ass tunnel.

The jade colored lenses were dropped somewhere along the way....

because that is what they were and all we will ever be:

part of my trail.


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