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On A Need to Know



Giving others the satisfaction of believing that when they are ready, you will be patiently waiting on them.


Making excuses for the way you are being treated.

In this season that I have graciously and silently been working towards, I have been granted the gift of introspection.

Within this gift laid wisdom, internal peace, newfound perspective, and the deepest self-forgiveness.

I was unaware of the silent grudges held against myself for the decisions and choices made so many years prior.

Timing is the solution.

The more rigid of a time frame was set on needing to “feel better” is where great resistance appeared.

The weight in the resistance is where my solution lied.

All it took was a sign.

One outside of myself, immediacies, and comfort.

Resistance was extremely prominent at first, but by the way my body released obstinacy I knew that was the sign.

My sign came in the form of an unsuspecting stranger, with a rough exterior, and a troubling past. However, carrying an open heart, scholarly diction, an understanding mind, and a familiar feeling embrace.

As I take you on my journey that may come across as out of character,

The identity of my sign will remain on a “need-to-know” basis…

for now.


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