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Ugh, here we go again.


Loving is everything.

Undeniably, nothing elates me more than knowingly and genuinely being cherished.

But people who exude the “hard to love” fronted exterior is an adrenaline rush.

It is not that he does not want me there, but strong conversational eye contact will never be forgotten.

Shit, the way you make me feel is like reverse seduction:

My naked heart wants to be dressed in you forever.

Who knows if I will ever kiss you, but that does not matter to me anyway.

Having someone to lay next to, should not be the foundational baseline to whom is chosen to latch onto.

Jealousy has never been an emotion that I have toggled with.

Batting an eye at your conquests, I would never.

Almost anyone has the ability to endure intercourse.

Slipping away so easily after 20 minutes of physical impulse, our bond would never allow.

Until he is emotionally captured from a third party....

those feelings will be kept to myself.

Even if you changed your mind on the notion that we would eventually make our way back together when the experimental era is no longer lustrous,

the unspoken nexus to remain.

But maybe we just love like that.


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