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The Girl Who Has Everything💄


She always wants more. Even when she gets what she wants, there’s still always something missing. She always wants more.

She will give hard knowing there’s a return. But the return has to be fulfilling.

In her deepest of hearts, she does not like to let go. Her pride & temper do otherwise. She will be in immediate search of that replacement. Less of a replacement that feeds her soul, but one that’s appearance will burn the eyes & hearts of those that departed.

But she is not done. She still craves more. Constantly. She will always miss what’s not in her possession if it was not in her control.

She lacks balance. She tries to constantly collider all her worlds into one to keep that close to wholesome feeling remaining from each avenue that she so desperately needs.

Be mindful of her. You will see what’s underneath the attitude of carefree disposal. & she will hold you closer than all UNTIL she meets the man who will fund it all the way.

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