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See You On the Other Side


Ever wonder what it’d be like living someone else’s life? Walk a mile in their hardships? Their deepest fears? Their angst? To be a fly on the wall to moments that brought him or her to feelings that are continuously felt? Or to situations that now bring so much discomfort &/or worry?

I do. In a healing, make you feel better type of way. Not only those closest. More so the ones I don’t know at all. & those along the way (past & present) that attribute to understanding the mysteries of my own walk.

Take a drive with me. See the mother bearing bags of groceries hanging from each forearm with free hands to either interlock fingers with or carry a child. Her resilient spirit exudes. But so does her pain.

The early high school-aged girl, who gets overlooked by anyone that passes. She constantly checks her hand-combed over bangs in her phone’s reflection. Exuding so much insecurity and longing for acknowledgment.

The middle-aged co-worker, constantly fidgeting with a developed nervous stutter. Makes unusual quirky jokes to settle his own social anxiety. Exuding so much unsureity that clearly stems further than the office.

Those are the parts of my day and life that resonate. Bystanders, passer-by’s, people I will probably never have the opportunity to touch. I wonder about them in random moments of phantasm as well as some sort of disillusion to a nonexistent connection.

Connectivity. Does not define as having to be lived, felt in the same momentary adaptation or point of compass as another.

Perhaps it's the emanates of each stranger that I continue to learn and correlate to thy own self and the deepest of tragedies as well as victories of the past & present.

Nonetheless remains deep in my cognitions.

& soon, yours too.


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