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  • ‘Chute Me Down

    ‘Chute Me Down

    There’s nothing that compares to the first. In friendships, relationships alike. The ones that make your heart pump and feel every rush of blood work through your body. A feeling of internal...

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  • Sign it, Yours Truly🙏🏽

    Sign it, Yours Truly🙏🏽

    An acceptance to time being of anything but the essence. To the period of “i love you,” to the gust of awkward distance, to the first hug, to the paraphrased:...

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  • Try This On For Size

    Try This On For Size

    Exhausting. Feet dragging. Utterly draining. A nap on the shower floor just because it feels like the most comfortable and sanctioned place where you are the warden. Mornings after the second...

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  • Feel You Twice

    Feel You Twice

    The timing of my former’s resurfacing is unsurpassed. When it rains, it downpours, ya know? Not in a depressive state, but a humorous disgust. My own episode of a daytime...

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  • Say It To My Face

    Say It To My Face

    Being from California can spark an immediate preconceived notion upon introduction. Being from “Los Angeles” enchants a real glitzy aura hovering my existence to others. An immediate “you are so fortunate...

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  • Bound by Bond.

    Bound by Bond.

    The most blissful of moments attract a prolonged chase of that never ending high of “wish that could just be felt twice.” Pursuant you a period that might have been so...

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  • Letter to the dead-minded.

    Letter to the dead-minded.

    Loss if often something that sits well. Because well, of course it’s mere definition: the state or feeling of grieve when deprived of something or someone of value. Regardless of...

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  • the recluse.

    the recluse.

    Growing up in a once close knit family: middle sister of three girls, involved parents, with a pair of grandparents + an uncle who raised me as their own. Alone...

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  • Cool Mom.

    Cool Mom.

    For years it was just about you. You + your material desires. The “no babies for me,” self-proclaimed forever cool aunt/godmother to my future unplanted children. A conversation that was...

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  • Meet You There.

    Meet You There.

    It’s all disposable until it becomes just that. The one that makes you feel just right. At no point head over heels, yet a deniable longing for his presence & a dreading...

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  • shut your pie-hole.

    shut your pie-hole.

    Do you ever think you’ve got yourself all figured out? Ever astonished by what someone else points out & have this inner feeling of your jaw dropping? Took me many years...

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  • The Girl Who Has Everything💄

    The Girl Who Has Everything💄

    She always wants more. Even when she gets what she wants, there’s still always something missing. She always wants more. She will give hard knowing there’s a return. But the return...

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