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Leave Your Light On.


You are home.

The only safe space.

The one place that can guarantee the warding of eaves droppers.

Although living with the constant obligation to over sharing any and all thoughts seeks to instead pin my safe space as a cell.

For a zone of security, my thoughts can inflict such emotional peril.

Clothing my entire being with the tricks or pop quiz of trivial conflict that is my mind.

You are home.

Not anyone else. Although familiar, still not.

The attachment, is a mere reflection to ways that have fallen astray or feel estranged.

The feeling of being mirrored outwardly to what is longed to be a safekeeping.

On top of the world and feeling whole.

“What has been sought after my whole life.”

To bond marital union, is to secure that those self-disunified qualities will never leave again.

To create another life form, in hopes to leave a fragment behind for when Father Time taps his wrist watch.

A cycle of constant creation to leave behind different imprints for...

in hopes that...


It is dark,

But I will leave the light on.

Run home.


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