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Forever For A While.


All that’s here today, could be gone tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not promised.

...but it’s so much easier to live with the self-assurance that you will be up to kiss my nose in the mornings.

With those same lips that held the non-prescribed prescription sealed atop your tongue.

“One day” was the signature to all statements you assured to be fulfilled.

The first time the “L” word to be introduced to rather blindside me,

Your follow up; “I will elaborate over dinner one day.”

Every holiday message to be decorated with, “i can’t wait for when we...”

But we both knew that would not be for a while.

Whether lovers or not, your friend I promised I would always remain.

A track record that would send most girls for the hills, you were surprised that I did not bat an eye to.

It is not usual that on a first encounter, would also involve a greeting from my patriarch. You did not bat an eye either.

I hope this recovery, does more than just that.

I hope it heals....

head over.


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