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Nothing happens by accident.

Although a concept that has been ever forthcoming, manifestation has become a verbal wildfire.

It is no mistake that all that occurs is meant to aid and attempt at hindering growth.

It is no coincidence that the love of my life, and former lover of a few nights would share an acquaintance.

To replay the notion and intention of our separation, correlating with the present obvious ignorance has cloaked my perspective.

Hurt for hurt, mind game after mind game, the ongoing tug of war. “Give me that upper hand. No, you chase me.”

Forget the odds notion, what are the evens that my laptop would glitch and flood with text threads from the “Mr. Dangerous” era that had been long trashed.

To skim through the darkest of my relationship’s past and feeling stunned at the acceptance to the unknowing manipulation I had been living through for years. To pat myself for growth, yet shake my head to ways that still need to be set on fire.

Back to presently tying what spiritually lingers and is welcoming the drawing emergences.

To feel so optimistically steadfast in the process to supposedly trust, that lead me into the warmest intoxicated bear hug.

“You are family now,” to be the last equating echo of the era I would be officially putting to rest.

“Now, throw me that blanket. Let me lay on your chest.”

Good morning and Goodnight.


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