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the chameleon

A mellow accent, a nurturing disposition, time-sufficient attention, the trusted confidant. Qualities in which attract want for longevity.

Makes every silly conversation of upcoming gatherings something to look forward to. The relief and vacation to redundant responsibility-consumed day.

Laying in bed laughing at virtually nothing or absolutely blood soaked eyes from one too many at that forsaken day party (gosh).

But here’s the catch; all to be situational and conditional.

Chameleon to what and who brings insurmountable self-gratitude. That goes for loyalty, but not limited to only that.

Nothing to traumatize enough to advance from just caring conditionally.

An ever chase of what surrounded drip from social media presence or a need for false social notoriety.

The Chameleon needs bits of everyone to feel comfortable in his/her environment. To adapt is to conform. To conform, is to become what his/her aspirers try to portray as unattainable.

The Chameleon wants the attention to what fitting in feels like, without being held up as the holy grail in the middle of the palace.

“Look at me, look at me. But wait, not for too long. Look away!”

From person to event, he/she can be whoever and whatever they want.

As long as my conditional colors match, does not mean they have to be true.

I will paint my own picture, from the swatches of your palate.

Thanks, but...

“I am god love, enjoy.”


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