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Just A Friend.

Do you ever get... lonely?

Do you mean the distance you fair warn potential lovers of?

Is your craft actually the only gratification to the void of Her?

It’s The Troubled that draw my intrigue. I so badly want to love those harder.

But I cannot.

It is those that I also promised myself that I would leave my heart out of. I do not ever love “that type” at a surface level.

Somebody stop me.

I do not necessarily desire a union with, but definitely want the attentiveness from.

I want “those ones” to love me, but honestly would have no clue what I would do with that achievement.

“Yes, yes, I won!”


Now what do I do with you?

My mind has not quite gotten that far, because I know it will not get that far.

Every word spoken is parable. And if it is not, it stings like an insult.

But, that is my own issue.

Clinging on to every interaction, even though all anticlimactic, nonromantic & mostly normal gestures.

The tug between the attraction to obvious tension, setting my internal feelings on fire, and feeling tongue tied because I know that you are unconsciously vigilant of such actions.

*everyone’s favorite Biz Markie tune on internal repeat*

I’ll call you, “Pal”

...for now

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